Natalia Hoffmann

Natalia Hoffmann

Natalia Hoffmann
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Unknown but good enough for the board

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Relationship between life and death. inside, outside: No information about this but it is two different photographs put together to create a half skull, half face image. That heavily relates to the theme of inside, outside and in between.

Monky by Charles AP, via Behance

The Blackout Monkey Art Print by Blackout Brother

Axis Obscurum by Viscera Vicarious, via Behance

Girl with horns tattoo sketch

Raven tattoo design.

Raven Tree Tattoo Design With Heart Root - Tattoo Ideas

Gypsy Girl Tattoo Sketch beautiful but not getting it

Gypsy Tattoo Designs For Women Gypsy girl head tattoo design

Bryan Gallardo

Animals by Bryan Gallardo

Max Temescu

James O is raising funds for Skinjobs: A Blade Runner Zine! on Kickstarter! Blade Runner-inspired artwork from 25 illustrators, collected in a risographed anthology booklet.

Liz Clements

Zupi / Mulheres de Liz Clements on We Heart It.

Tattooed girl / liz clements

tattoo bird girl illustration by Liz Clements