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Benedict Cumberbatch - I don't want to sound weird here, but he has really incredible eyes. Very intense stare. -- You don't sound at all, because I think the same thing.-- I think we are all thinking the same thing, love C;

Sherlock. Love the dramatic lighting!

Page 2 Read Chapter Thirty-Three from the story The Detective (A Sherlock Fan-Fic) (Under Editing) by ErinThorpeDowney (Erin Thorpe Downey) with reads.

The boys will be back!! my manip from series 4 first promo photos! ;D

shag-me-senseless-watson: “ “ silentauroriamthereal: “ cdlafere: “ The boys will be back! my manip from series 4 first promo photos!


I like how he points this out to Moriarty when in fact, John pointed this out to Sherlock first and Sherlock basically said "So?

I love that they fist bumped.

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. Co-stars in Sherlock (Watson and Sherlock) and the Hobbit (Bilbo Baggins and Smaug) --JohnLock / BilboSmaug fist bump!

"Like a fairy!" Sherlock fandom has truly gone mad from the waiting. <-- In our defense, that line was kind of asking for it. Now that I'm looking at it, I'm actually surprised this picture didn't happen long ago.

"I don't want to be a consulting detective anymore. I want to be a fairy princess! <----- and so he shall be the Princess of his mind palace.