More ideas from Natalia
TheTalusiek: Renovation Old Shoes

I had old shoes in my wardrobe and i decide to change them for a little more modern.

TheTalusiek: DIY 44 jacket to 36 jacket

Hi guys:) Today i will show you how i made jacket from 44 to 36 size. That was jacket of my mom that she didnt use for so long so when i.

TheTalusiek: DIY: top

Hi :) Today i made simple top, i hope you like it.

TheTalusiek: Peplum top DIY + narrowing pants

Today i decide to do peplum top from two old red t-shirts. As a base i use my top with sitze An.

TheTalusiek: Small bag for cosmetics.

I decided do make bigger bag for my Cosmetics because this one that i had for so long was too small. I had this one, and i bought it 2 yea.