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An White Attic Conversion With Industrial Details In Paris

Diagonal DEF: Expressive and makes your focus your attention upward. Why: The vaulted ceiling makes you look for the base up to the focal point at the top of the ceiling as well as makes the room look more powerful.

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I dream of an attic addition to our garage. I'd settle for a skylight in my attic "cloffice".

5 ways to optimize your little space at home | Very useful since I'm living in a very small space and sharing it with another person

A great attic conversion

If we did the extension we would add something like this at the top of the stairs to give you accces to the new roof terrace

A guide to some of the most beautiful beaches in northern Spain

Renovatie van koterijen tot leefkeuken gekoppeld aan tuin | Kove Interieurarchitecten Sint-Niklaas