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Good writing prompt..

You are a monster hunter. I order to get rd of monster hunters the monsters cursed themselves and if you kill it you become the monster. You are faced with a monster how do you destroy it without becoming one.

The movie is considered fanfiction in an alternate universe from that moment on. Me the whole time watching insurgent

Haha. Yes. It's easy.<<<tooootalllyyy eeeeaaaasy

"Writing a book is so easy." This is actually why I want to write a book in the future, it must feel great to publish a great work you worked so hard to create.<<I'm trying to be good enough to attempt to write a book, probably never will though.

HAHA THIS MADE MY DAY!!!! Especially the first two Heroes of Olympus because that's exactly how I was.

The heroes of Olympus series 4 And the house of that death god. The heroes of Olympus series 5 And the blood of every fangirls' heart