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Patience d'Escalier — about sherlock solving john’s d

Patience d'Escalier — about sherlock solving john’s d

I made a sound that sounded very much like a pterodactyl being slowly tortured.(Don't ask me why I know how this sounds)

thetwelfthpanda: “ Kudos to ALL the countries that legalized same-sex marriage.

I'm too excited......

atlinmerrick: “ It’s the opposite of glitter and gay unicorns, for god sake, but this is what started me writing Sherlock porn. This endlessly fascinating idea that Sherlock wants the pain… kleqq: “.


callmenix: “ Click the photo for an amazingly drawn Sherlock comic — it’s gorgeous and finely detailed, and the plot — it’s John/Sherlock H/C — a WIP no less; but I URGE everyone to go read it!

*Is immensely pleased* Why THANK you John. Tis a nice thing you did for the Fando-um I mean Sherlock. >w>

Nice headcannon, but I doubt Sherlock would be that careless as to neglect hygiene when it comes to The Work. He can just buy a new shirt for God's sake. What I can believe is the thing with him and tight shirts.

Sherlock and John

reapersun: “ “just leave it john! fix it AFTER we see the crime scene!” “sherlock you know if we leave the flat without your scarf you’ll catch cold again” PS totally unrelated but HEY YES FINALLY.

Kitty Hugs 3 - Johnlock

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Thank You Everyone for the most amazing birthday EVER!