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WHAT IS THIS<<< what the is about right . I can't stop laughing

Sorry for the language. Don't ship Johnlock, but this was too funny not to pin. << I DO ship Johnlock, and this was too funny not to pin

"Sher-" "Shut up." "But- " "I SAID SHUT UP." "Sherlock, there's a reason why people think we're gay...."

* the poster has officially died of bloodloss press escape to revive. wait a minute- *

johnlock hehe ^ _ ^

Johnlock cuddles are the best kind of cuddles. BBC Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

When Sherlock is having one of his little fits, John just walks over and lies on top of him to placate him.

COMPLETELY HETEROSEXUAL FRIENDSHIP saticoy: You know when Sherlock throws a little fit on the couch and then just flip over away from John? What if John didnt storm outside and instead laid on Sherlocks back, trying to placate him?