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Taping technique for rheumatism of finger #fingerpain #fingerjoints #rheumatism…

Not sure how apply your kinesiology tape? We’ve got the best kinesiology taping instructions for a wide variety of conditions all in one place!

Kinesiology tape can help to prevent common condition that affects the tendons that are used to straighten your thumb #thumb #tendonitis #physiotherapy

Main Functions of Ares Kinesiology Tape * Relieves pain and muscle fatigue * Ameliorate circulation and lymphatic flow via superficial activation while decreasing inflammation * Corrects muscle function through decrease of muscle tension and strength


BICEPS : You will need : 1 Y-shaped Kinesiotape A partner for application Step 1 : Apply the base of the Y-shaped sport tape on the inner part of the elbow while holding it extended. Step 2 : Stick one wing on the upper part of the shoulder and the othe