Cry the colours of the rainbow, my sweet. At the end, by the pot of gold, is where we'll meet. Every colour, faded but pretty. Always shines over a dull, grey city.

I like the idea of some art on my face like this. I've seen some of your pictures before with that kind of face makeup and I want something similar.

Được nhìn thấy, biết đc 1 số việc , ngẩn ngơ thẫn thờ. Sao phải tỏ ra đau đớn khi có thể nhanh chóng bên cạnh có 1 người khác để tìm tạm sự vui ? Sao phải thể hiện quan tâm nhung nhớ r coi như 1 cái lẽ đến bên 1 ng mới ? Sao ko giống như ta nghĩ ? Có ng mới r dù là rõ hay cũng chỉ nương tựa cảm xúc 1 tg ngắn thì sao vẫn nghĩ về anh ? Hành hạ nhau thêm khổ chi vậy ? Giờ dứt hẳn nhé như lời đã nói. Nhẹ lòng hơn ...

Farewell letter from

I'm always sad.why can't I ever be happy? I may look like I am happy but deep down inside I am sad, broken, and lonely.


Sorry for polish lauge D: It means "the hardest sytuation in your life is when your brain must explain your heart that it can not love an person anymore.

trying to drown out the pain can often reveal the pain, if one has eyes and ears to listen to the unconscious

Nothing like good night with wine and drunk running around. I know I know it's like at night but whatever- ruby smith

Czas nie leczy ran... #Hanuszkiewicz-Adam,  #Ból,-cierpienie,-łzy, #Czas-i-przemijanie

Czas nie leczy - Najlepsze cytaty w Internecie

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// The cuts and scars remind me that I fell. A bird whose wings were clipped at a tender young age, and never fully recovered those feathers.

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