baby blue

Baby blue - suitable for light spring, light summer, bright winter. Perhaps for a true winter.

butelkowy.jpg (800×753)

Bottle - suitable for real winter, winter intense, intense fall, the real fall, the real summer. Perhaps for pure winter.

jagodowy.jpg (800×800)

Berry - suitable for mellow summer, real summer, mild summer, clean winter, real winter. Perhaps the pure spring.


Neon pink - Suitable for : pure winter , real winter , winter intensive , real spring , clean spring.

szafirowy.jpg (800×735)

Sapphire - suitable for deep winter, true winter, bright winter, a TRUE SUMMER. Perhaps the deep autumn.

purpurowy.jpg (800×800)

A range - Mostly Bright Winter but could be True Winter if cool enough & some Bright Spring where the red-violet complements the palette beautifully!