imma just bless y'all with all these pins of Jin you're welcome

Hey guys I need more 5sos board please invite me for a shout out

" "That's the new guy Luke, stay away from him" "Why?" "I heard he unplugs lamps out of anger" << that comment im actually dying

Funny 5SOS Tweets and Texts - (Make Money With Your Photos worö wide)

this dude named Michael, use to ride motorcycles, dick bigger than a tower i aint talking bout eiffles


(gif) Ashton in his underwear Those abs tho that hair tho that face tho those legs tho that whole body tho

Wow i just can't calum is like they are so awesome

Wow i just can't calum is like they are so awesome>>>This is the man I have chosen to marry

The one who never sees the truth, that I would be perfect for you, Michael Cliifooord

Part of the fan girl parody of Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer.