hotdamn5sos - daily updates on 5 seconds of summer

- daily updates on 5 seconds of summer>>>lol this is from their newest tour diary

person: are ugly, they cant sing , cant play , they stink. Me: what the heck you say ima bought ta drill your sorry little butt into the ground

- ̗̀ @artsyautumn  ̖́-

This is just too funny!>>>this should be a thing<<<we need to tell Apple that this needs to be a new emoji XD

Hey guys I need more 5sos board please invite me for a shout out

" "That's the new guy Luke, stay away from him" "Why?" "I heard he unplugs lamps out of anger" << that comment im actually dying


(gif) Ashton in his underwear Those abs tho that hair tho that face tho those legs tho that whole body tho

The one who never sees the truth, that I would be perfect for you, Michael Cliifooord

the one who never sees the truth that i could take away your hurt heartbreak band 😍

Wow i just can't calum is like they are so awesome

Wow i just can't calum is like they are so awesome>>>This is the man I have chosen to marry

You're welcome

Oh my gosh!where do people find these? <<< I love how someone took the time to spread this around the internet lol


Im equally dedicated to both bands and i support and love them both…

One of my favourite songs

Why would you need to look up the lyrics to this It has 2 lines<<<it was so they could show the song to everyone you absolute fucking walnut.

Michael || SLFL Sheffield, UK // 4/5/16

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! but weirdly he reminds me of zac efron. but only in this picture. thats weird>>the emotion in his face is so snajakjsbd