Tim Lahan - "Squiggerettes"

This is hilarious. Can you image what the birthday cake would look like? Tim Lahan - "Squiggerettes" - I like these, they're pretty cute, which is a weird word for describing cigarettes, but they kinda are

Robert Samuel Hanson Illustration

Robert Samuel Hanson Illustration

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Its a metaphor see you put the killing thing in your mouth but you never give it…

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I really want a mafia fanfic. Zayn is the boss, Liam is the leadibg detective, Louis is second to Liam, Niall aids the main character, abd Harry is the hostage.


Why die from something preventable? Who wants to smell like butt and have lung cancer? Don't waste your money on cigarettes. Use it to travel- it adds up.


Cigarette butts (c) gemma correll. Gemma's comment "This is probably the weirdest thing I have ever drawn. Somehow I thought that putting bikinis on them would help, but… nope, still weird.

Andreas Samuelsson - Illustration - Agent Molly & Co

Great camo pattern Andreas Samuelsson - Illustration - Agent Molly & Co