Healthy Recipe Substitutions: Baking

The Ultimate Guide to Healthier Baking [Infographic]

This Infographic Gives You Substitutes for Common Ingredients

This Infographic Gives You Substitutes for Common Ingredients

A Guide to Baking and Cooking Substitutions Infographic - Cooking doesn't have to be linear. You can cook with so many different types of substitute ingredients and come out with the same if not bette (Creative Baking 3 Ingredients)

Produce Calendar

Eat Seasonably Calendar: Fruits and Vegetables. This is a great cheat sheet. Lesson: where does out-of-season produce come from?

Simple pairing guide

Simple pairing guide - a little over simplified but a good graphic reference. Which beer for which food

kitchen 101

Best cooking knives Types of Knives Infographic “…which knife is best to use. Knives 101 – Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about kitchen knives.

every KitchenAid mixer attachment and what they do

Make it Homemade with KitchenAid: Mixer & Attachment Chart Info graphic. Every KitchenAid mixer attachment and what they do!


Surprise Randomness (39 photos)

20 substitutes for healthy cooking

Not all of these are healthy substitutes in my opinion, but some are, so use your own judgement. 20 Unique Healthy Food Alternatives --I'm interested to read about some of these things, and I know some of the substitutions only work in some circumstances.

Kitchen Measurement Guide

Printable Measurement Guides

Martha Stewart Kitchen Measurement Guides - Baking Pan Measurements, Measuring Equivalents and Candy Making Temperatures. This is a handy reference to print and laminate.