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a hand holding a small blue and pink beaded stitched keychain in it's palm
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Chibi Inspired Stitch Geeky Accessories 8BitKeychain | Etsy
four pixel art pieces with different designs on them, including two girls and one boy
Greg's Life #44: Beadsprite Pixel Art
Powerpuff Girls perler beads -Greg's Life #44
two pictures of the same character made out of perler beads, one with a dog bone on it
"Where are my testicles, Summer?" Snuffles (Snowball) on a bone as a stand, $15.by samthevampslayer #Snuffles #Snowball #RickandMorty #RickSanchez #MortySmith #LawnmowerDog #CartoonNetwork #AdultSwim #Perler #PerlerBeads #PerlerBeadArt #DIY #lfl #l4l #f4f
the star wars pixel art is displayed in front of a white wall with many different characters
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a bunch of pixelated characters on a red background
ArtFire.com - Premier handmade marketplace to buy & sell handmade crafts, supplies, vintage and art
Star Wars Perler Bead Characters Magnets by HarmonArt - OKAY, so we could make Bible characters and not Star Wars although I think Ben would appreciate the latter.
a bookmark made out of an old video game character
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Freddie Mercury bookmark: ade out of midi perler beads that have been arranged on a midi peg board with tweezers to make the design, and then ironed to melt the beads so that they stay together. $10
the bead art is designed to look like an alien
Stitch perler beads by danceluver147
six pixelated smiley face magnets on a white surface, each with different expressions
Perler Beads Emoji Faces
the simpsons characters are depicted in pixellated images, including one with an angry face