Michalina Deniusz-Rosiak

Michalina Deniusz-Rosiak

Michalina Deniusz-Rosiak
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✯ Witchy Sweetness :: Artist Unknown✯

Witchy Sweetness--love this sketch

emergency vampire kit.

Emergency Vampire Kit Vaughn Heslingk Edition by thedustyraven

This is why I hate Twilight - not a real vampire movie.

Funny pictures about Different teeth in vampire movies. Oh, and cool pics about Different teeth in vampire movies. Also, Different teeth in vampire movies.


Keep Calm & Love Vampires Yep.


Dracula with a swirly straw

Vampire Family by *Nephyla on deviantART

Bloody Family - Final artwork by ~MabaProduct on deviantART

Cult/ classic vampire cover art by Clyde Caldwell

I vant to suck your blood.

Sam Edkins: Anatomically Correct Chair

Anatomically Correct Chairs These chairs combine Victorian furniture design with human skeletons, designed by Sam Edkins, called "Anatomically Correct" seats. For price, they are not cheap, each chair costs

Chandelier by Kelly Lamb

Strange - Chandelier by Kelly Lamb