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jungkook in this particular fanmeet is now added to my list of kinks

Fashion Color Vocabulary for Purple Hues

In the part VII of the Enérie’s Color Vocabulary we guide you through the shades of purple. Do you want to suggest a topic for our next vocabularies?

Autumn colors

Colour Analysis for the Autumn Woman. Characteristics and best colors to wear if you are the Autumn type.

5 Unique Vintage Color Palettes

I can't decide how I want my dream kitchen to be colored; Classy and sophisticated neutral colors with black and white? Or playful vintage? I really like the Carnival and Robin color schemes here for a kitchen.

14 Mint Color Palettes | Angie Sandy Design + Illustration #colorpalette #mint #color

Mint // Colour Pallettes by Angie Sandy Design + Illustration // Love mint? This collection offers plenty of combinations to inspire // Incorporate this cool, fresh hue into your next project.

colour match - green and peach!?

Top two colors for the kitchen and dining room. Middle two for living room and hall. Then the tan and coral color for the sun room. The creamy vanilla color for the pantry.