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Prevent varicose veins from worsening! Save for future reference.🙏🏼
Besides the tips in this video, also try these quick tips: 1. Go on walks regularly to help improve blood flow 2. Stretch hips and leg muscles to minimize muscle tension 3. Do not sit for long periods of time 4. Wear supportive shoes 5. Stay hydrated! 6. Elevate legs with pillows at night •
Labor Prep Stretches | 3rd Trimester
My focus up until now has been total body training and Pelvic floor strength, and now that I’m in my 3rd trimester I am incorporating these daily stretches to make sure my hips and pelvic floor are open and ready for labor. They feel so good, and they’ve been helping with my low back pain. 👉 Do each move for 45 seconds, so as many rounds as you like! 1. Side Lunge • - amazing for stretching inner thighs, and relaxes pelvic floor 2. Hip Smiles • - relieves pressure in low back, mobilizes hips, and super fun 😃 3. Frog Rocks • - super deep hip and pelvic floor stretch, and puts baby in a good position 4. Feet In/Out Hip Stretch • - an important stretch for the internal hip rotation, which places your pelvis in the most open position 5. Knee Swings • - lubricates hip joints a
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the 3 secrets that make or break a natural child birth save your seat
Here's How to Make or Break a Natural Childbirth
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Start at 34+ weeks🤍
Prepare your pelvis for birth with a pelvic floor PT and certified nurse midwife
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Birth Prep Exercises 👶🏼
Help to Make the Pushing Stage During Labor Easier With This Trick!
How to involve your birth partner in labour with a sarong #labourpreperation