This is Motion Graphics ! on Vimeo

This is Motion Graphics ! Design : 鄭凱文 Kevin Cheng Animation : 鄭凱文 Kevin Cheng /徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu Animation : 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu Cel Animation : 鄭凱文 Kevin Cheng Advisor : 林美吟 Meiyin Lin Special Thanks : Bito Studio Music : Gotswim - Dutch VO : 李曼寧 Man Ning Li

Canadian Frames on Vimeo

Me and my lady Linn Fritz went to Canada for 10 days and had this idea of making an animated trip journal together. We were gonna sit for precisely 1 hour at the…

PocketWarp on Vimeo

Introducing the PocketWarp engine. SOFTWeb's new and innovative mobile engine that takes you into the mobile era.

Me and my workspace on Vimeo

Decided that is was time to animate my workspace illustration that I made a couple of months ago for my website. Big thanks to Daruma Audio for some cool sound effects!

Magoz - Animated cover for Muster: "Internships" on Vimeo

Animated cover for Muster. Illustration and Art Direction by Magoz. Animation by Jose Lorenzo.

Publiterapia for Asisa – Espalda on Vimeo

Publiterapia for Asisa – Espalda on Vimeo