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Pan Slogan

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…Companies have to focus on innovation to be competitive. That driving needmakes design thinking the hottest trend in business culture today. If engineering, control, and technology were once the central tenets of business culture, then anthropology, creativity, and an obsession with consumers' unmet needs will inform the future. The Talent Hunt, BusinessWeek

Contextual inquiries to gain deep understanding of the changing values, attitudes, behaviors and technological enablers. Helps to discover the opportunities for creating the 21st century businesses, brands, services and products that matter. Involves the collection of data that are already available from existing sources.

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Unquestionably the innovator’s most vital tool. Introducing a better way to turn innovation challenges into big outcomes. A FRESH, POTENT & ENERGIZING TRUTH

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Helps you to be creative while facing constraints, by encouraging paradoxes to be used as inspiration – rather than being seen as an intrinsic limitation. ANALYTICAL + CREATIVE = INNOVATIVE

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Obsessive love for the beautiful experience: moment when an object, space or event makes a powerful connection with the person experiencing it, creating meaning where there was none. GETTING OUTSIDE OF THE BUBBLE

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10 Ways to Unleash your Creativity! — blue hat

The process of website designing

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