Medieval Castle in Goluchow, Poland

Poland Travel Inspiration - Aussiegirl Castles Medieval Castle in Goluchow, Poland. Almost impossible to defend unless there is a very steep and deep gorge all around it but a beautiful piece of architecture nonetheless.

Niedzica castle in Poland

Niedzica Castle (a., Dunajec Castle blt in Niedzica, of southernmost Poland. It is surrounded by the Pieniny mountains of the Carpathian Mountains.

Visitationist Church, Warsaw

Visitationist Church, Warsaw photo by Arek Blomka

1001Places: Poland, Castles and Strongholds in Poland

Screen from the video about Polish Castles If not massive destruction, which Poland suffered during the Great Swedish Deludge (Pot.

polish festival 1

Ukrainian and Polish Festivals in Toronto This Weekend!

Poland Winter breaks

Poland Winter breaks

Ruins of a castle on the Easgles Nests' Trail

Podhale - Southern part of Poland area of Tatra Mountains (Tatry in Polish)

The Tour Expert - Carmelite Church, Warsaw, Poland | The Tour Expert

The Tour Expert features information on the Carmelite Church, Warsaw, Poland