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Bigbang Vip, Boy Bands, Gd

Seungri, Bigbang, Ship, Fan, Posts, Messages, Ships, Boat

Nerdy, G Dragon, Bigbang, Kpop

gif red fav G Dragon Seungri Gri gdragon Kwon Jiyong blond bigbang tour diary recap lee seunghyun mcountdown nyongtory we like 2 party i had tremendous gri feels lately i cant contain how happy these two make me

They all have such cute smiles :D when they smile i cant help but smile lol

They all have such cute smiles :D when they smile i cant help but smile lol (Top Bigbang Cute)

There's no "reasonable" explanations for these outfits... but I need them badley on my board!!!! SuperTOP ^_^ Only he can turn us on like this

Band 6 drama essay on macbeth Compare and contrast essay on the notebook movie and book of mormon Jackson: November & I use that exact line in our essay.

Gd Bigbang, Daesung, Tops, Boy Bands, Bangs, Dragon, Dream Man, Baby Baby, Nerdy, Fringes, Infant, Shell Tops, Drake, Babys, Ponies, Blouses, Little Ones

BigBang as food Part One: Takoyaki (A popular dish in Japan. It’s mostly considered as a casual fast food but in some regions, it’s also an important meal).

Running Man, Dragon, Bigbang, Kpop, Hallway Runner, Drake

GD kissing the TOP mannequin ?

MBC Come To Play, TOP couldn’t control his tears when they read his mom’s letter.

Haru & GD <3

Tablo's daughter haru has a major crush on GD :P This is hw she reacted to a poster of him :P