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three breakfast burritos with fluffy eggs and crispy potatoes in foil wrappers
Chorizo Breakfast Burritos with Potatoes and Eggs
papas con chorizo potatoes with mexican chorizo sauce in a cast iron skillet
Easy Papas con Chorizo Recipe
Papas con chorizo is a go-to classic Mexican breakfast. Requiring just two ingredients and absolutely jam-packed with flavor, this is a recipe you need in your meal rotation. It is also incredibly versatile, perfect for filling tacos, tortas, gorditas, and burritos, and for topping sopes, tostadas, and more. Try it out for a perfect lunch or dinner meal!
two pictures showing how to make quesadilla dip in the crock pot
Crock Pot Queso Blanco Dip
the best chicken fajitas marinade with peppers and onions
The Best Chicken Marinade for Fajitas Recipe
These are the chicken fajitas that changed my mind! I thought Chicken Fajitas were nothing but a sizzly showman at the Mexican restaurant. Then I tried making a fajita recipe at home with my own marinade. Whoa! Tender juicy blackened chicken, partying in your tortilla with perfectly cooked peppers and onions and big scoop of Guacamole. I didn’t even like fajitas, now I absolutely love them! I will show you just how to make them!
taco bar side dishes with text overlay
Taco Side Dishes
an easy beef enchiladas recipe is shown
Beef Enchiladas
Beef Enchiladas are made with flavorful ground beef, warm tortillas, enchilada sauce, and melty cheese, all topped with sour cream and green onions. The perfect Mexican weeknight dinner!
french toast is being poured into a white casserole dish filled with cinnamon buns
Churro French Toast Casserole with Mexican Chocolate Drizzle - Yes to Yolks
a white plate topped with breakfast enchiladas
Breakfast Enchiladas
cheesecakes are stacked on top of each other with caramel sauce in the middle
Churro Cheesecake (So Easy!) - Celebrating Sweets