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Mythological Beings of the Inuit Infographic - A selection of amazing mythological creatures, gods and beings from the INUIT pantheon! Magical Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Beltaine, World Mythology, Mythology Books, Myths & Monsters, Religion, Legends And Myths, Mythological Creatures

Mythological beings: Inuit edition

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Mr. P's Mythopedia

#SlavicMythology #EasternEurope #Europe #Slavic #Mythology #Infographic #MrPsMythopedia

 P's Mythopedia, an ongoing project to catalog an entire world's worth of mythology, from the Ancient Greeks.

Mr. P's Mythopedia

Liminal/Gateway Deities of World Mythology! #Liminal #GatewayDeities #Gateways #Crossroads #Gods #Goddesses #Mythology #Infographic #MrPsMythopedia https://www.facebook.com/MrPsMythopedia/

Give me Latinx Cryptids in adult or young adult fantasy! Mythological Monsters of Latin America, Volume One! Mythological Monsters, Mythological Creatures, Beltaine, World Mythology, Myths & Monsters, Legends And Myths, Cryptozoology, Urban Legends, Magical Creatures

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Mythological Monsters of Latin America, Volume One! #LatinAmericanMythology #LatinAmerica #Mythology #Creatures #Cryptids #Monsters #Infographic #MrPsMythopedia

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Monsters from British Mythology Blog - Enter & Win Prizes at MyOffers

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Trickster Deities in World Mythology Religion, Magical Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Myths & Monsters, Sea Monsters, World Mythology, Roman Mythology, Greek Mythology, Legends And Myths

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Trickster Figures in World Mythology! #Trickster #Tricksters #TricksterFigures #WorldMythology #Mythology #Infographic #MrPsMythopedia

Water Deities of World Mythology! Mythological Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Mythological Monsters, World Mythology, Greek Mythology, Beltaine, Symbole Viking, Myths & Monsters

Divinità dell'acqua

Blog di letteratura, storia, attualità ed estetica. I testi sono a volte corredati di immagini di pubblico dominio come contributo (senza fini di lucro) alla loro analisi e valorizzazione, a esclusivo vantaggio degli artisti. Tuttavia, qualora eventualmente esistessero diritti di copyright su tali contenuti visivi, preghiamo il titolare di comunicarcelo e provvederemo immediatamente alla loro rimozione.

Bard Mythologies: Macha is a goddess of ancient Ireland, associated with war, horses, sovereignty Celtic Paganism, Celtic Druids, Celtic Mythology, Celtic Symbols, Celtic Art, Celtic Goddess Names, Celtic Dragon, Wicca, Goddess Art

Macha - Bard Mythologies

Background Macha was an Irish war goddesss, strongly linked to the land. Macha was the wife of Crunniuc. She, was thought to be one aspect of the triple death-goddess, the Morrigán (the “Great Queen” or “Phantom Queen”), consisting of Macha “Raven”, Badb “Scald Crow” or “Coiling”, and Nemain “Battle Furey” Macha is associated with both... [Read More]