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Multicultural Poland

It's difficult to talk about Poland without its multicultural context. That is how we met IZA & ARTUR KRZEMINSKI - photo fans, who in search of friendly coexistence of number of cultures, reached PODLASIE ( Region in eastern Poland). Within few weeks we'll present you IZA's & ARTUR's exceptional works. We announce the MULTICULTURAL MONTH - as what else the vacation is if not a wonderful journey...
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Market square in TYKOCIN (Podlasie, east of Poland) shrouded in mist. There is on side a Catholic church and on the other one, one the biggest in Poland synagogue (built in 1642). Fot. IZA KRZEMIŃSKA


An exceptional shot from the inside of the mosque in KRUSZYNIANY (Podlasie, east of Poland), with nearby Muslim cementary - one of very few preserved. Nearby there is also the Tatar yurt serving Tatar dishes:-) Fot.: IZA KRZEMISŃSKA


SUPRAŚL ( Podlasie - East of Poland) - although the architecture doesn't show, this is the Orthodox Church, renovated after WW II, but as a Catholic church, returned afterwords in 90's to the Orthodox Church. The author of the photo is IZA KRZEMIŃSKA, who we've already mentioned about on our page and who will together with her husband introduce this MULTICULTURAL ATMOSPHERE...


Apart from monuments of religious value, in SUPRAŚL (Podlasie region in East of Poland) there is an exceptionally modern museum of icons. We recommend to have a guided tour, during which the history of icon writing will be presented in a quite spectacular way: with a use of sound and light:-) Fot.: ARTUR KRZEMIŃSKI

2 a Tatar Podlasie (east of Poland)

Tatar houses as well as mosques are full of handicraft connected to the religion. We're introducing Artur's & Iza's Krzeminski photo works from their journey in MULTICULTURE Poland:-) Fot.: ARTUR KRZEMIŃSKI