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Nexo is a convenient way to integrate a variety of devices which can be found in modern homes. The heart of the system is the Nexo mainboard. It is an independent device, which includes a full administration and logic, necessary for the operation of schemes programmed activities. As ideas for intelligent home is as much as many of his household is, the system allows different ways to personalize settings.

NXW301 - PUSH-PULL OUTPUTS CARD - The NXW301 expander card allows for two push-pull outputs control. The outputs are linked and only one output can be on at a time and the on time for a given output can be additionally defined. This solution applies in blind (lower/lift) or gate (open/close) control.



NXW399 - GSM CARD - The card links Nexo system to a GSM network allowing the system control via SMS - a solution handy when a land line connection is difficult to reach, additionally enabling software update via GPRS.

NXW398 - SENSORS CARD - It broadens the system with 8 additional signals like:

NXW397 - TUKAN BUS CONTROLLER CARD - The NXW397 provides communication between Nexo’s Main Unit and its executive modules. A single card can operate up to 32 executive modules.

NXW396 - COMMAND CARD - The NXW396 is a card designed for open protocol PC communication. It allows system inputs/outputs integration with a link to a private PC application. The Command Card communicates with ASCII text commands sent through a RS485 interface. The NXW396 is subordinated to the external transmission controller (for example a PC equipped with a suitable application: a RS485/RS232 or RS485/USB converter).

NXW395 – LAN CARD - LAN card enables communication with the Nexo system via Ethernet. Prepared software for PCs and mobile devices allows you to manage system resources from anywhere in the world. In order to ensure the confidentiality of data exchanged with system, the card was equipped with a possibility to encrypt the connection. The same PC software also allows you to communicate with the system using the command card connected via USB or serial port.


NXW304 - CCTV CONTROLLER CARD - The NXW304 product enables video surveillance. It not only gives you insight outside but also allows for child watch while keeping the household. In case of alarm you are able to see what is outside without leaving your bedroom. You can link 4 coulour cameras (PAL B system) to one CCTV controller card. Also NXW304 can be linked cascading style giving you a network of up to 64 cameras.