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a rat is sitting on someone's leg with a red line drawn across it
Fibonacci spiral rat
an image of a bird made out of paper
a dog is walking on the ground with its mouth open
🇵🇱 Polskie Memy/Polish Memes 🇵🇱
a duck that is sitting on a bed
his baby; kv ✓
there are two pictures one has a cat and the other has a peacock on it
a deer holding a frisbee in its mouth and looking at the camera with caption that says, take byo nie zmyslam
Naruto- Preferencje
Masz doła? Jest ci smutno? Nie wiesz, co ze sobą zrobić? Nudzi ci się… #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad
a dog sleeping on top of a hot dog bun
Sausage Cheems | Cheems
a dog is wearing a frog hat and pointing at it's reflection in the mirror
otaka.Fugoshi FOX(^་།^) (@fox-sempai)
an image of a dog that is in the air with dust coming out of it
O kurde burza pieskowa piaskowa
a raccoon standing in front of a door and holding something up to its face
Twenty-seven-year-old ex-cheerleader/teacher convicted of molesting 17-year-old student: "I can't wait until our first date". She and her ex-husband were divorced after a whole 6 weeks. This is who the crazy/hot scale was made for