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Deathstalkers (yes, that's really their name) are known also by their Latin binomial name Leiurus quinquestriatus; sometimes known colloquially as the Palestine yellow scorpion, the Omdurman scorpion, and Israeli desert scorpion. These names have mostly arisen from trade of the arachnid in local communities. The binomial name translates to "five-striped smooth-tail". Fact: these yellow arachnids are the most venomous scorpions in the world. You can imagine why they are called…

Originally entitled The Gemini Cure, imagine seeing the constellations from 25 light years away.

Zodiac Constellations

The constellation of Gemini. The position of the Sun, when it's in the sign of Gemini no longer sits here.

Gemini Star Constellation Art Print by Clarissa Di Nicola | Society6

Lion painting | African Lion - Painting - Nature Art by Lucie Bilodeau