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an image of two men in suits and ties with the caption'why is it when something happens, it always you three?
Johnlock Facts - Potterlock
the characters in harry potter are hugging each other
All of Sherlock's palaces
a dog with a hat on its head and the words redbeard written above it
two men standing in front of a door talking to each other while others look on
Perhaps Sherlock likes the Deerstalker after all: Benedict Cumberbatch wears iconic Holmes hat as he films new series
the doctor who is talking to someone in front of him on his phone, with text that
a man sitting on top of a black cat next to the words i'm in shock look, i've got a blanket
30 Days of Sherlock...and Harry Potter: Day 18
a poster with the words look, i have a blanket and an image of a man's face
You Can Cumber My Batch Anytime, Benedict
some type of poster with words and pictures on the back of it, including an image of a laptop
"I Don't Understand" Limited Edition
Confessions: I've Actually Never Had Coffee.
And Lo! A Fangirl Was Born: Sherlock
the one deduction movie poster with four men standing in front of each other
Who do I Ship you with?