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Paweł Szymański

Paweł Szymański
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Ah, this takes me back to the first time *I* woke up in a Dumpster.

BENTO BOX LUNCH: CUTE CAT Bento are Japenese home-prepared meal served in special boxes. The rice kitty reclines contentedly on a bed of seafood and veggies, her whiskers and tiger stripes rendered in nori (seaweed), her paws and ears in lunch meat.

LOVING this food presentation idea by Martha Stewart ♥  The sliced baguette with the spreads and veg remind me of lovely vegan sushi rolls :)  Here are some ideas for vegan spreads you can use.  Can you think of more?  - Sun-dried tomato paste  - Olives paste  - Vegan cream cheese  - Salsa  - Vegan Guacamole  - Hummus

Appetizer in 5 Min: Veggie Dip in Baguette pkg Knorr vegetable recipe mix, good mayonnaise, dairy sour cream, assorted vegetables, cut up to fit in prepared cups.

Link to "50 different food and drinks you can put in a jar"... gives receipts and really cute idea for presentation of food

"Cupcake-in-a-Jar Favors" in Brunch-Themed Baby Shower Send your guests and mom-to-be home with an edible favor.a sweet ending to a beautiful brunch! Make Cupcake-in-a-Jar Favors

5 Ideas for LED Centerpieces - Light Up Food Presentation -

LED vase base lights up plates of sushi. What an absolutely fabulous party idea! I would feel so dang fancy.