10 steps to design successful #gamification initiatives

10 steps to design successful gamification initiatives

Gamification vs. Game-based Learning from Mad About ELT. #gamification #education #teaching

Gamification and game-based learning are often considered to be the same thing in education, but are they? Gamification The use of game design elements in non-game contexts.

The Business of Gamification Link on Game Mechanics: http://www.oecd.org/edu/ceri/39414829.pdf

Using Gamification to Engage Your Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new infographic by Demand Metric has revealed some impressive numbers relating to how gamification is being used by brands. Scroll down to see the full infographic.

What Is #Gamification And How Does It Work?

Gamification: A Winning Strategy! Mapping Elements of Play Onto Everyday Activities Helps People Achieve - Via Amy Masreliez

The Human Side of #Gamification

The human side of gammification. This is not a game: Why gamification is becoming a multi-billion dollar way to motivate people

The Journey Of Personal and Organizational Wellness

The Journey Of Personal and Organizational Wellness

Yoga and Mindfulness-based Training. Helping employees build resilience and reduce stress isn't just the right thing to do -- it can also help the bottom line.