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Rough unpainted wood slats create a dramatic contrast with the fresh, brightly painted blue boards. This type of design might make a great DIY project for any reclaimed wood you have laying around – a smaller version would make a wonderful headboard.

Carla & Carlo: Dressing Tables by Florian Schmid Photo

Komplet: łóżko i stoliki nocne - MEBLE AUTORSKIE - LOFT SZCZECIN

Styl Nowoczesny-Realizacja Wilanów - Warszawa - www.meblewach.com.pl MEBLE WACH - zdjęcie od Meble Wach - Meble na wymiar - Pomiar Projekt Wizualizacja 3D - www.meblewach.com.pl

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Wood table. Like how it's been done. Would be cool to do different patterns...like a state or wildlife

marina laswick The Rainmaker began as a 1953 teleplay by N. Richard Nash. The next year, Nash turned his story into a Broadway hit, and two years after that the film version was born.

marina laswick Bringing rain to the parched land, however, is merely a metaphor for the real substance of this story, in which Starbuck slowly makes Lizzie realize that she is actually a sensuous, desirable woman full of life and confidence.