Display many photos with an old frame, wire, and clothespins. PERFECT use for the huge frame I just took apart for the girls hair bow holder! (instead use coloring for clothespins and frame! Glitta it up)


six different ways to tie a scarf -- don't like the outfits with them but I never know how to wear scarves!

Watch your veggies grow!  (A great way to teach kids how vegetables grow).

Root-Vue Farm Garden Laboratory Kit includes a see-through container so kids can see the tops of plants and the roots growing underneath the soil

studded bra DIY

DIY Studded bra, I don't know where I would ever wear such a thing but it's so cute

Transforming an Ikea table with tape.

Lady Croissant: How to turn a white table into a rainbow. Ikea Lack table + washi tape = brilliant, if not ultra-durable.

“nothing lasts forever” by anatol knotek

Nothing Lasts Forever. Clever Wall Installation: by Austrain artist and visual poet, Anatol Knotek

Breakfast in a potato | Nosh-up

Idaho baked egg potato This was a great fast meal! I zapped my potatoes in the microwave since I didn't have time to bake them properly. Overall great recipe.

Past Present Future Watch | Designer: Daniel Will-Harris

The Past-Present-Future Watch makes you live in the present. This unique timepiece beautifully reminds you that "there's no time like the present." Past, Presen