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I cannot even handle how all the Dragon Age Inquisition men look in this.  Merry Christmas? by Greendelle (Iron Bull, Solas, Dorian, Cole, Krem, Cullen, Blackwall)

Fanart cole cullen dragon age dragon age inquisition iron bull Solas Krem dorian pavus Blackwall cullen rutherford Cremisius Aclassi fen'harel is not amused

Blackwall and a Female Qunari Inquisitor (literally repinned because this is too cute a picture).

TODAY IN ISHKA'S DA:I ADVENTURES Help, Blackwall is too cute in Dragon Age InquisitionLike the cutestAnd since I am a huge Qunari, I can just pick him up (he is so tiny omg)I miiight be crushing too hard on this guy