expozitii desfasurate in salile noastre G. Focsa, H.H.Stahl, Lena Constante sau Sura Bancu
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an advertisement for the international art exhibition in paris, with red flowers and green leaves
the poster for an art exhibition in italy
the poster for an art exhibition with images of various paintings and words in different languages
the flyer for an event with two images of jesus and mary in mosaics on white paper
the poster for an upcoming show in ocnice, featuring a white cat with green leaves on it
the poster for an exhibition on nature and photography in france, with pictures of trees
an advertisement for a fashion show in the country, with a woman wearing a colorful dress and holding a handbag
a man holding a stick in his hand while standing next to a tree and dirt ground
Fashion, Hijab
the poster for an exhibition on women's rights in ukraine, featuring a painting of a woman sitting at a table
Lumea idis in Romania - un tezaur regasit
the poster for an event in which there is a large fish on it's side
a poster with an image of a woman holding a baby in her arms, and the words franturi de rai on it
Franturi de rai - expozitie de icoane pe sticla, realizata de copii parorhiei bis. Doamna Oltea, Bucuresti
an advertisement for the exhibition of photography in italy, featuring two people under a rain shower
expozitie de fotografie, 2-15 martie 2015
a man and woman are dancing in front of a tree with the caption'pragobette saffita fetele expatile de togabile '
Asociaţia Bucureştiul meu drag împreună cu Muzeul Naţional al Satului "Dimitrie Gusti" şi Hotelul InterContinental vă invită vernisajul celei de a patra ediţii a expoziţiei de fotografie “Dragobetele sărută fetele” în ziua de 22 februarie 2015, în sala „Gheorghe Focşa”.
a poster with an image of a woman's head in the shape of a dress
POVEŞTI CU ŞI DESPRE PĂPUŞI, expoziţie de artă vizuală