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an advertisement for the international film festival, with children's faces and flowers on it
the poster for theatre de l'umbre, featuring two people in silhouettes
a poster with an image of people standing in front of a building
a poster with flowers and hearts on it
the poster for theatre de l'umbre, featuring two people in silhouettes
Teatru de umbre
a poster with pictures of people in the background and words that read puzzle la muzeul sattui
Puzzle la...Muzeul Satului
an advertisement for the art and cultural festival in santa fermina, calculator
Saptamana fara calculator
a poster for the winter festival with snow covered trees and colorful balloons in front of it
La muzeu de sarbatori
an advertisement for the festival with children playing and sitting in front of stairs, on which is
Tabara de creatie "Vara pe Ulita"
there are many plants growing in the pots
De 1 iunie plantam gradini de legume!
an advertisement for the international day of children's art and crafts, with balloons floating above
Ziua Internationala a Copilului
a poster with two different pictures of a house and the words construction pentru o zi
Constructor pentru o zi” ediţia a II-a, cu tema: Muzeul Naţional al Satului în miniatură.
an image of the shadow of a castle in front of a window with stars on it
atelier de teatru de umbre Proiect destinat copiilor (6-10 ani) 10 locuri 30 martie 2014 6 aprilie 2014 11 mai 2014 8 iunie 2014 22 iunie 2014 Orele: 10.30 – 12.00
a group of children standing on top of a grass covered field next to each other
ateliere de dans popular 15, 22, 29 martie