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Vintage 1970's Hippie Woodstock Suede Fringe Boho Vest - Flower Child Festival Vest

1960s :: Woodstock image by Swinging_Sixties - Photobucket

Woodstock- take me in a time machine

Rainbow Family member ~by Benoit.P I find this set of photos and these beautiful people within them to be incredibly poignant and inspiring in so many ways.

When I look at pictures from Woodstock I am reminded of how similar it is to the festivals of this era. We are the modern day hippy.

*hippies *rainbows *flowerchildren *freeks

Back when people weren't afraid to be free. ~be your{self} everyone else is already *tAkEn*

Woodstock Anniversary: The Best Beauty And Style Moments From 1969's Best Festival (PHOTOS)