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Spring-green Persephone nuptialed to his inevitable Shade, Demeter mother of asphodel weeping dew, her daughter stored in salty caverns under white snow,  black hail, grey winter rain or Polar ice, immemorable seasons before Fish flew in Heaven, before a Ram died by the starry bush, before the Bull stamped sky and earth or Twins inscribed their memories in clay or Crab'd  flood washed memory from the skull, or Lion sniffed the lilac breeze in Eden--

Urban Ninja Dope Chef Streetwear Swag Black Snapback Swag Clothing Line.their was a guy in my neighborhood who used to dress like this.and would post up on the block.

basedsuh: “ . ” Street & Luxury at BLVCK-ZOID

The Vans Hi is a basic streetwear essential. It is the first shoe that will ever be recommended to you if you are.