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Muscle Up Progression Infographic

Muscle Up Progression Infographic

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Many people have tried running, and many people have hated it. The roots of this displeasure can be traced to the running boom of the 1970's, when running proponents, caught up in a near orgiastic buzz, loudly pronounced that the best approach to running was longer, faster, and harder, and they did exactly that – until succumbed to debilitating injuries. But if you do it correctly – meaning, with moderation – running... FULL ARTICLE @ http://tillfit.com/easy-fitness-running/

YOGA SEQUENCE FOR BINDING/TIGHT SHOULDERS: Binding was once the bane of my yoga practice, it is now just about bearable, here is what I do to open up my deltoids Warm up: Sun Salutation A/B x5 each YouTube if unsure 1. ARM ROTATION 10x Take a towel or strap, hold it with tension & arms straight, bring the arms up & behind you then reverse without bending the elbows, widen grip as necessary, this will warm up the shoulders 2. ACTIVE DELTOID STRETCH Quite self explanatory simple but effective…

Oliver Queen: Well, we don't ride white chargers any more, but there's still a few of us around. And we don't really need a fancy costume or a phone booth to change in.

Yoga sequence to chapasana

YOGA SEQUENCE TO TRIPOD HEADSTAND: Warm up: Sun A & B x3 each 1. DOWNWARD DOG This will warm up your shoulders good & train your body to hold on no matter what 2. MALASANA To warm up your hips & lower back which you'll need to be mobile when t comes to entering headstand 3. KNEES TO CHEST Head, shoulders & tail bone up, really squeeze knees in & kept feet to butt 4. LOW BOAT This will train your body in the way it will need when you straighten your legs I headstand 5. HIGH PLANK Just…


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