Martin Renato

Martin Renato

Martin Renato
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Ancient madder tie

Beige jacket covers a pale blue striped shirt with solid blue tie and pocket square.

Fabio Attanasio blue suit

My face when I am told that the fashion week carnival is finally over 😏 What I love most about this suit by is the rough hand of the fabric, a mohair. The solid chalkboard colour is a great alternative to the navy or.

Nicola Radano and his summer apparel

nicolaradano: “Nostalgia feeling in Bangkok, Thailand. In the midst of monsoon weather, I am wearing my first ever bespoke olive green linen jacket, and white linen trouser. Perfect for fighting the Bangkok humid weather.

Danilo & solaro jacket

I have become very fond of mixing textures tastefully. Here i’m putting a solaro jacket with Arthur tropical wool trousers in light grey color. White shirt and rusty loafers balance make them easy to see. Ph: (presso Piazza Trieste e Trento)

Suede jacket by Andreas Weinas

Five ways to wear denim

Danilo Carnevale and his double breasted jacket

danilocarnevale: “Finally this is out in the world : Summit , the new real luxury smart watch by (presso Milano Piazza Gae Aulenti) ”

Winter coats

Winter coats