a stuffed animal is laying down on the floor next to some buttons and other things
radiohead polar bear by Mootdam on DeviantArt
a woman is holding up a mirror in the kitchen
two people are standing on the beach looking at the water and clouds in the sky
a man standing in front of a brick building with the city skyline in the background
Alex G
a young man holding a skateboard in his left hand and wearing a red hat
two young men are playing guitars in a room with other people and one man is holding a microphone
alex g
a white swan on a black shirt with blue light coming from it's back
From here knows when
a man and woman standing next to each other wearing hoodies that say i hate women
Bladee i hate women
the cd cover for gibo mato's stereo type album, featuring a woman with blue makeup and headphones
Images for Cibo Matto - Stereo Type A
a person with their hands out in front of a television screen that has stars on it
The Cure
the silhouette of a man with dreadlocks is shown in black and gold tones