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a black and white photo of a building with mountains in the background
preciousandfregilethings: sixtensason: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), 50 x 50 House project (unbuilt),1950-52
three different views of a building in black and white
2009-03-002 by paul hill, via Behance
three different views of the inside and outside of a building with multiple floors, windows, and
House Plan CH285
House Plan with four bedrooms./ By Concept homes
an architectural drawing of a building with multiple floors and balconies on each floor
James Hull
an architectural rendering of the inside of a building with people walking around and looking at artwork
Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning, University of Melbourne
Section perspective through building envelope.
an image of a park with people walking around it
MARIOerMURO MARCO TANZILLI, MATTEO MICELI , LUCA GAETANO MALVASI, FRANCESCA VISCEGLIA I assume illustrator, photoshop, and acad were all used to create this board. I love how all components work well together to communicate and project the design purposes.
people are shopping at an outdoor market with fruits and vegetables on display in the foreground
Europan 11 : San Bartolome, Ruben Ramos + Hector Salcedo García | BETA
an artistic rendering of people walking in front of a building with plants and flowers on it
Remodelación Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep | Font Mestre
an architectural drawing shows people walking and sitting on benches in the middle of a park
Remodelación Plaza del Raval de Sant Josep | Font Mestre
three different views of people walking around in the rain and on the water at night
108_05 - Architecture Competition Results
Results of the DOM3 Architecture Competition
an architectural diagram shows the inside and outside of a building with people walking around it
079_04 - Architecture Competition Results
Winners of the Competition YAC – Space to Culture
an artistic rendering of people walking on the sidewalk next to a pool and palm trees
The ARCHive: Photo
The ARCHive: Photo/ Brianna Nixon | Team ToW, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2014 Adv Design C: “Tubma Reservoir Project” - Spring 2013, Professor Jan Wampler - Graphite and photoshop
two different views of people walking and sitting in the water at an open air park
038_02_01 - Architecture Competition Results
Architecture Competition Results
an architectural drawing with some sort of structure
S // A: Photo
Las mejores INFOGRAFIAS para tu proyecto o PFC, excelente relación calidad/precio.
an artistic rendering of a city street filled with tall buildings
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
Foster + Partners won a design competition to whip up a 40-hectare arts district in Hong Kong.
the site plan for an urban park with trees, benches and people walking on it
an architectural diagram shows the various sections of a building and how they are used to make it
A great design can be mediocre if it is not presented well. Here are some tips for a great architecture presentation board
Architecture Presentation Board Tips | First In Architecture
three different views of an architectural project
Adobe Portfolio
Join - the global place for architecture students.~~hatlehol church be Konrad Wójcik
there are many white tables in the grass
Zen | Joao Sousa
CGarchitect - Professional 3D Architectural Visualization User Community | Zen
an architectural drawing shows the interior and exterior of a building with many windows, trees, and
Architectural drawing / rendering / diagram - Presentation layout
a map showing the locations of various buildings and streets in different cities, including one with people
Architecture Route Bilbao, Spain
an architectural drawing of the courtyard concept
One Church Square / Paul Davis+Partners
architecture diagram _ Courtyard Concept
the trees are in front of the building and there is a bench on the other side
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Daniel Lopez, Estudio AGraph | Architectural Visualization.
four different views of the exterior of a building with trees in the foreground and on the far side
Nouvelle bibliothèque de Saint-Hubert / Saint-Hubert New Library, Saucier + Perrotte, architectes, Canadian Competitions Catalogue / Catalogue des Concours Canadiens
architecture elevations _ Saucier + Perrotte Architects - Saint-Hubert Library
a room filled with lots of different types of wood and metal items on top of each other
Peter Zumthor Architectural Models
Peter Zumthor Architectural Models