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monty's bae
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We invite all of those who find themselves in this box to come to Star of Hope, a Shelter of love and life change in Houston! #homelessness #awareness

everyday materials such as a cardboard boxes, newspaper or other materials we can relate to homeless people with. These items are not worth much to the everyday person but to a homeless person it is their home, shelter, blanket, warmth

"I'm sorry for leaving you." He said looking down at her, it made him smile realizing she had on his jacket. He brings her to his chest and wraps his arms around her. "I was a little scared you wouldn't find your way to me." His hand slips down to hers, with no intentions of ever letting it go again. . . I guess Lizzie was right; they did meet again.

☯ i have this sickening scene idea in which astrid sneaks into marcellus's apartment and apologizes for some problematic behavior accompanied by 'sex on fire' blaring from a boombox (because she is cornier than she thinks she is).

"What was it like being homeless?" I asked. "I was cold a lot. I didn't have shoes for a couple months." "Which months?" "December through march." "Wow." "Yeah, you don't realize how nice shoes are until you don't have them."

Homelessness has increased by a fifth in the last four years. Policies like the bedroom tax and cuts to welfare benefits have not only exacerbated homelessness but have stretched local authority resources in their efforts to rehouse these people.