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an elderly woman wearing a protective face mask and looking at something in the bag on her head
Fátima Brañas on X
a person in a hospital gown is being assisted by another person
Thank You Healthcare Professionals
a man and woman with wings on their heads are hugging in the dark, surrounded by water
Winners of the “Doctors & Nurses” Challenge
two pictures of people in scrubs and masks
This may have already been shared, but this is life working in the ICU six months ago vs. today, and it's very accurate. Please. Stay. Home.
a man in a surgical mask working on a machine
Lt. John Clark, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at work in Surgery at the 7th Surgical Hospital (MA) Blackhorse, Vietnam 1967-68 Dr Aaron Kopman
a man laying in a hospital bed with an oxygen tube hooked up to his head
Mom's Passionate Facebook Post Goes Viral
a baby wrapped in bandages is laying on a hospital bed
Emergency Room Visit Raises Questions About Son's Supervision by Mother's Ex-Husband
a man laying in a hospital bed next to a woman with an oxygen mask on
Son Catches His Parents' Final Moments Together In Touching Photo