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Królestwo za kawę!

Top your morning cup of Joe with some humor by stirring it with the coffee drinker's spoon. This vintage piece of silverware comes custom stamped with a short comical phrase designed to brighten up those drab weekday mornings.

Sękacz suwalski pieczony tradycyjnie na ogniu

Sękacz suwalski pieczony tradycyjnie na ogniu


Lamb with a heart shaped nose! Some call this a baby bottle lamb! Salt Spring Island we had a ball, took a picture of her lamb and then sold the owner the negatives! How sweet!

Wesołych Świąt!

Easter Peep Arrangement~ Layer jelly beans, peeps for that holiday and and then a smaller vase with water for the flowers, set right inside the top of the large vase. Now you have a great holiday centerpiece. This is beautiful!

Robimy sałatkę :)

The entire world may have to switch to an almost vegetarian diet over the next 40 years if we want to avoid detrimental food shortages.