Monika Ledwoń

Monika Ledwoń

If I wanted to hear the beat of your heart I would rip it out and stick it next to my ear.
Monika Ledwoń
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All Alone Because He's Gone...

I thought I was in my forever home. I thought I had paid my dues. I thought I was finally in a sanctuary that would serve me until I left this body. I thought this. I thought that. The overthinking threw me into the assuming/expectation zone.

Learn what is the soul's desire, and go with that. Go with the soul. What the soul is after is - the highest feeling of love you can imagine. This is the soul's desire. This is its purpose. + Neale Donald Walsch❤️☀️

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This is my life....If we didn't have so many random earthquakes at night, I'd be naked

vogue: “ Make the Most Out of Daylight Savings Time: The Best Overnight Skincare Treatments Photographed by Irving Penn, Vogue, October 2005 See the slideshow ”