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an image of some cartoon characters with different words on the side of their faces and numbers
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an english and chinese language poster with the words in different languages, all on one side
JLPT N5 Kanji – Lingographics
an iphone screen showing the japanese language and its characters, including symbols for each language
Japanese Course, Nihongo, Nihon, Turning Japanese, Hiragana, Japanese
an image of fruits and vegetables in japanese
Basic Japanese Vocabulary through pictures - Japanese Quizzes
the japanese text is written in many different languages
Japan tumblr | Япония. Запись со стены.
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some type of language that is written in different languages, including english and japanese characters
Japanese Language Proficiency Test
the instructions for how to learn japanese in this lesson, you can use it as an instruction
Japanese Vocabulary Lesson: How to Say I'm Sick in Japanese