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Very simply, the format of the program/brush i used for my latest digital painting [link] yyeaaah, basically just about the brush and a few extra pointe. SAI paint tool : my brush

Sweet 1950's Dress Collar & Buttons

This mint green striped dress make my heart flutter!

90's Grunge Style Outfit with Hat -

18 Must Have Grunge Accessories and Clothing

The greens and reds have echoes of the poison apples in Snow White. The luscious colours of the background perfectly contrast against the pure and innocent colours of the outfit. Subtle taupe and delicate buttermilk are set off against the perfectly places accessories. A blood red handbag, shoes and umbrella. A style masterpiece made all the better by some wonderful photography.

Idda Van Munster: Vintage Inspired Autumn Outfit, with Irregular Choice Bloxy (Burgundy)

Evelyn Tripp, 1952:  the 1950s were--without question--the epitome of grace, style and subtle sophistication in womens fashion..  no other era has ever even come close.

Evelyn Tripp 1952 I can't resist images of pretty vintage dresses. Flowing full skirted styles in swishy fabrics with tiny waists, t.

Vintage Clothing Blog | Adored Vintage Blog | For all things vintage fashion and vintage inspired- learn to wear my hair like this.

Such an elegant floral top and rose/pink skirt! Gives off a vintage look with bold lipstick and hair updo!

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ulyana sergeenko fall/winter 2011 collection I like this dress. Except if the top is see through like I think it is then I don't like that but the dress is pretty.

A breath-taking example of vintage fashion and lace...two of our favorite things! Visit our website to see our genuine 50s sewing patterns

Pierre Balmain, 1950 - dress styles gained popularity with the creation of Dior's postwar "New Look" in In when Dior left the army, he joined the fashion house of Lucien Lelong, where he and Pierre Balmain were the primary designers.

drawingden:  Tutorial Paint Tool Sai Different Layer Options by KyouKaraa

drawingden: Tutorial Paint Tool Sai Different Layer Options by KyouKaraa

On dry paper, paint the shape of the droplet using the same colors used to  paint the petal or leaf. It should be  slightly darker on the side that is  nearest the light source.  ~You can lighten the opposite side of the droplet by adding a tiny drop clear

How to paint waterdrops or dew drops in watercolor - Susie Short& Free watercolor painting tips!