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a fresh fruit parfait.Fresh Fruit With A Hint Of Confectioners' Sugar.A Super Alternate Dessert! Looks YUMM


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I will win, not immediately but definitely! Get inspired to work hard, and push yourself for health and fitness!


Superfood Quinoa Breakfast Bowl *Quinoa *Coconut milk *Dates *Cinnamon *Nutmeg *Cardamom *Pepitas *Shredded coconut *Golden raisins *Goji berries *Chia seeds *Banana *Coconut flakes


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How Jessica Simpson Reached Her Goal Weight: After two back-to-back pregnancies, Jessica Simpson hasn't been shy about her weight struggles.

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Infused water is a great way to stay hydrated this summer! Just cut up some of your favourite fruits and herbs and you've got a delicious summer drink without all the calories of other sugary beverages!


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Me when I was and lost the last of my late puberty weight. Only my tummy, believe it or not, was a wee bit flatter. I was concerned cause you could see down my bikini bottoms, since my hip bones held the material away from my tummy when I laid down.



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