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The Unbelievable Challenge Book

SANTA’S WEB (Marta Sokulska, Jacek Malinowski & Monika Lemanska) The design is combination of practical and eco-friendly construction with the futuristic vision. The walls of the building are smoothly emerging from the ground. The shape rises in waves to create an inner space for the halls. The halls are partly underground and the roof has many slopes with windows. Symbolic part is the snowball that rises above the hills where Santa HQ operational office is located.

NYC by lemonik6 on deviantART

Monika Lemanska - Murator Competition - Architect's Loft

120 HOURS Competition Winners Announced

Honorable Mention: The Mystery / Dominik Angerman, Magda Warpas, Monika Lemanska. Image Courtesy of 120 HOURS