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Monika Wiśniewska

Monika Wiśniewska
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Miracle Drink "Kills Cancer Cells" (Must Read)

Miracle drink kills cancer cells / You need one beet root, one carrot and one apple that combine together to make the JUICE! You can add some lime or lemon for more refreshing taste . As easy as A(apple) B(beet) C(carrot)

If you're looking for tips and tricks to get flawless skin but don't have a lot of time (or money!) to invest in the right products, these DIY pore strips are just what you need. Not only will they teach you how to get rid of blackheads, but they will also teach you how to minimize your pores. For best results, make sure to apply ice and toner to the area once you've removed the the pore strip! What a fantastic DIY pore cleaner!

If you're looking for a good blackhead remover that won't cost you an arm and a leg, you've come to the right place! These DIY pore strips will teach you how to get rid of blackheads and minimize your pores for gorgeous, flawless skin!

I couldn’t believe this worked! To make your grill non-stick all you need to do is cut an onion in half and rub the cut side on the heated grill grate.

Make Your Grill Non Stick Using an Onion! Simply heat up your grill and then rub the cut side of an onion over the grate! Not sure if this makes your food taste like onion. I myself LOVE onions, so that wouldn't be an issue for me.