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MLP Elements of Harmony

More fanart in my psuedo-tribal style! I hadn't made much in this way since the Homestuck stuff, but I realized that the ponies from the new pony show w. My Little Pony Tribal

The real life elements of harmony  | My Little Pony FiM: Elements of Harmony Wallpaper by ~Workard on ...

Another wallpaper I made for personal use. My Little Pony FiM: Elements of Harmony Wallpaper

Killagram шашлыки

Not a fan of Love how the tires poke out from the fenders flares.

Male hair reference

Anime hairstyle reference guide for your next haircut - OtakuSmash

AU Get ready by MixiePie.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

_________~♥~_________ Credits go to AU idea AU Get ready

Check out this profile to see some more Miraculous things! Red_Teleporter

The fans of miraculous. I will do the same for Taro and Grati at the bottom part. I will yank that girl, Mai by her hair away from Taro and Grati.

Fluttershy drawing

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic // Fluttershy

10 Greatest Lamborghini Sports Cars of All Time | BrandonGaille.com | #sweetride #Lamborghini

A look at the top ten greatest Lamborghini sports cars ever made with their characteristics.

Not writing but still handy for books anyway so yeah it's in here now deal with it

¿no sabes como dibujar unar de ojos ? Mira te enseño como dibujarlos

How to draw manga eyes - just one way to draw eyes for a manga character. From easy drawings and sketches.